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Star Trek Adventures RPG Expands with The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign

Star Trek Adventures RPG Expands with The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign

Modiphius Entertainment has introduced a new supplement to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, titled The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign. This latest offering aims to enhance the gaming experience by adding a new dimension that parallels the storyline of the Klingon War from the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

The supplement features a six-mission campaign that explores events occurring throughout the Federation during the conflict with the Klingons. It is designed to provide players with additional rules that reflect the challenges and emotional toll of wartime, enabling the creation of compelling narratives within the Star Trek universe.

In addition to the roleplaying aspects, The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign includes a procedurally generated campaign overlay. This component allows players to assume the roles of Federation admirals, who are responsible for allocating resources and responding to Klingon threats across the galaxy, thereby adding a strategic layer to the game.

The expansion enriches the Star Trek Adventures universe by introducing six new playable species: Aenar, Arcadian, Ariolo, Betelgeusian, Coridanite, and Megarite. It also offers optional rules, additional character talents, and over 20 war-focused mission briefs that cater to a variety of gameplay styles, including tactical, routine, exploration, and mission scenarios.

Jim Johnson, the project manager for Star Trek Adventures, commented on the release, highlighting the expansion’s potential to broaden the scope of storytelling within the Star Trek universe. He emphasized the tactical campaign overlay as a feature that allows for resource and event management on a grand scale, adding a unique gameplay element that can stand alone or complement the full roleplaying experience.

The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign is currently available for pre-order at Modiphius Entertainment’s website, inviting players to immerse themselves in new narratives and strategies within the expansive Star Trek universe.