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“The Fantasy Trip Bestiary and Foes 2” Enriches RPG Adventures with Over 200 New Creatures and 50+ 3D Miniatures

“The Fantasy Trip Bestiary and Foes 2” Enriches RPG Adventures with Over 200 New Creatures and 50+ 3D Miniatures

Steve Jackson Games have launched their latest Kickstarter campaign titled “The Fantasy Trip Bestiary and Foes 2 STL Miniatures.” This campaign, designed to enhance role-playing adventures, has already raised $21,949, surpassing its initial goal of $5,000. With 288 backers and 12 days remaining until its conclusion on December 14, the project continues to draw significant attention.

The centerpiece of this campaign is the “Fantasy Trip Bestiary,” a 192-page hardcover book detailing over 200 creatures, from the colossal ant lions to the cunning wyverns. The book offers an array of features to engage players and Game Masters alike:

  • Detailed stats, descriptions, and typical habitats for each creature.
  • 183 double-sized, 3.5″ x 5″ reference cards with condensed rules and colored tabs for environment customization.
  • Over 250 high-quality, double-sided, die-cut counters, varying in size to represent different creatures, with a reverse side showing defeated creatures for tracking post-combat outcomes.

The project also introduces “Foes 2,” a collection of over 50 detailed 3D fantasy miniatures for resin printers, following the success of the first STL project, “Foes.” These miniatures, sculpted by renowned artists like Spyros Kypriotis and Jon Stoneman, cover a wide range of creatures, including wolves, snakes, bears, crabmen, ghouls, and even gargoyles. Notably, the set offers flexibility in sizing, allowing players to create everything from 1-hex miniatures to larger-than-life figures like a dragon.

Each miniature in “Foes 2” is meticulously crafted, with examples provided by the painting team of Ben Williams, Jean McGuire, and Irene Zielinski. These miniatures are designed to bring tabletop games to life, adding a tangible, dynamic element to any fantasy adventure.

“The Fantasy Trip,” designed by Steve Jackson, is a classic game of roleplaying and dungeon-crawling adventure that has grown into a richly developed fantasy roleplaying game since its inception with “Melee” in 1977. The Bestiary and Foes 2 STL Miniatures are the latest additions to this beloved series, offering players an expanded universe of magical beasts, horrifying creatures, and challenging adversaries.