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WWII Meets Zombies in Raybox Games’ Latest Kickstarter Success, Escape from Projekt Riese

WWII Meets Zombies in Raybox Games’ Latest Kickstarter Success, Escape from Projekt Riese

Raybox Games is taking WWII gaming to a new level with its latest Kickstarter project, Escape from Projekt Riese. Battling through a zombie-infested secret Nazi base during WWII, players must strategize, make key decisions, and ultimately survive. The game has already amassed $39,203, comfortably exceeding its goal of $26,475 with 17 days left to go.

Set in 1943 within the secret underground Nazi base of Projekt Riese hidden beneath the Owl Mountains, players become the survivors of an allied strike team. The mission? Rescue the eccentric genius spy, Dr. Hinzelmann, and the resistance cell aiding him, then destroy the base on the way out. The potential reward is huge: a possible cure for the zombie plague and a chance to tip the balance of the war in favor of the free world.

Escape from Projekt Riese is presented as a “choose your own adventure” style game, where player’s choices significantly influence the fate of their heroes. The game features an engaging campaign, where each completed scenario affects the beginning of the next, forging an ongoing and evolving narrative.

The setting of Projekt Riese is based on real-world Nazi bunkers that existed during World War Two. But, what sets Escape from Projekt Riese apart from its predecessor, Escape from Stalingrad Z?

Escape from Projekt Riese offers a complete overhaul with over 40 new maps and scenarios, nine new heroes, new weapons, an evolved skill tree, and fresh types of zombies. The terrain, gear, and NPC rules have also been revamped, offering players a unique and more in-depth gaming experience. The game’s creators have spent almost a year writing the new storyline, striving to make it as intricate and compelling as possible.