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Loke Battle Mats Launches Kickstarter for Immense Dungeons: Digital Maps for Discerning Game Masters

Loke Battle Mats Launches Kickstarter for Immense Dungeons: Digital Maps for Discerning Game Masters

Loke Battle Mats has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its ambitious project, Immense Dungeons: Digital Maps for Discerning Game Masters. The campaign, which has already surpassed its goal of $5,000, standing at $24,888 with 719 backers and 14 days left, offers an extensive collection of digital RPG battle maps, map tiles, and tokens, aimed at providing a unique and immersive experience for game masters.

Immense Dungeons offers over 1000+ digital map tiles, a vast collection of tokens, and complete ready-to-roll maps. This groundbreaking package provides all the necessary tools for game masters to construct intricate, bespoke dungeon layouts to suit any scenario they can imagine. The inclusion of sewers, caves, and diverse themes opens up a plethora of potential settings, raising the bar for any RPG gaming session.

Some key features of Immense Dungeons include tokens representing furniture, traps, and treasures to customize maps, allowing game masters to create the perfect setting for any dungeon encounter. The product also caters to game masters short on time with its collection of meticulously designed ready-to-roll maps, guaranteeing immersive and captivating dungeons on demand.

One of the most prominent aspects of Immense Dungeons is its versatility and customization. Whether running a classic fantasy campaign or venturing into alien civilization depths, Immense Dungeons ensures game masters have the maps they need to run their adventures their way.

The files will be supplied as VTT sized and print-sized files via DriveThruRPG, offering easy integration with most VTTs or home PCs. For Roll20 users, a specific pledge tier is available, providing preloaded files and dynamic lighting on the maps.

Matt Henderson, the creator of Immense Dungeons, spoke on the campaign’s mission, stating, “We understand the passion and dedication that game masters put into crafting memorable adventures for their players. With our Kickstarter campaign, we aim to provide a game-changing collection that makes it easier than ever to create truly unique and bespoke dungeon maps.”

With the Kickstarter campaign for Immense Dungeons ending on July 12, game masters are encouraged to back the project and take their game design to new levels.