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The Festival of Tombs: A Solo D&D 5E Adventure Now Funding on Kickstarter

The Festival of Tombs: A Solo D&D 5E Adventure Now Funding on Kickstarter

As the D&D community continues to grow, there’s an increasing demand for new, engaging, and unique content. The Festival of Tombs, a Kickstarter campaign offering a solo D&D 5E adventure, seems to be hitting all the right chords. Already amassing a pledge amount of $15,134 against an initial goal of $5,000, the project has caught the attention of 302 backers, and it still has 18 days left to go before it ends on October 7th.

What Sets This Solo Adventure Apart?

The Festival of Tombs is not your typical dungeon crawl. The adventure is designed to blend story-driven action with sandbox exploration — all without the need for a Dungeon Master. Players take on the role of initiate ghost-hunters, teamed with a dwarven sidekick, to solve the mystery behind the annual Wakening, a spectral event that has suddenly turned deadly.

The setting is the sprawling city of Chesteral, teeming with potential quests, encounters, and locations to explore. Players must navigate the complexities of the city while also delving into hazardous dungeons. The objective? To uncover the unsettling truth before the Festival of Tombs descends into a bloodbath.

What is a Solo Adventure?

For those unfamiliar, solo adventures are a form of interactive fiction where the narrative is directed by the player’s choices. Unlike traditional tabletop sessions, these adventures allow you to venture forth alone, using D&D 5E rules to govern conflicts and challenges. Just like in a group game, your character and the dice you roll add depth, strategy, and an element of risk.

What’s in the Book?

The Festival of Tombs boasts well over a thousand entries, offering a rich and varied experience for players. As you travel to Chesteral, you will choose three major quests from twelve options that will shape your narrative. You have only eight in-game days—and eight long rests—to unravel the mysteries among twenty diverse city locations.

For those who enjoy the thrill of danger, you can leave the safety of the city streets to explore dark sewers, ancient tombs, old ruins, and even an abandoned observatory. While these dungeons increase the level of risk, they also promise greater rewards.

Pledge Tiers

The campaign offers various pledge tiers to cater to different types of D&D enthusiasts:

  • $20 – PDF Only: Perfect for players who prefer digital formats.
  • $35 – PDF + Foundry VTT: For those looking to integrate the adventure into virtual tabletop platforms.
  • $45 – Hardcover + PDF: A physical copy of the adventure alongside its digital format.
  • $92 – The Essential Bundle: For the ultimate experience, this includes all of the above, plus assorted add-ons to enhance your adventure.

With 18 days still to go, there’s ample time for potential backers to get in on this intriguing project. Head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support for what promises to be a unique addition to the world of D&D 5E.