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Classic Deduction Board Game ‘Mystery of the Abbey’ Returns via Mojito Studios’ Kickstarter Campaign

Classic Deduction Board Game ‘Mystery of the Abbey’ Returns via Mojito Studios’ Kickstarter Campaign

Mojito Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a refreshed version of the classic board game, Mystery of the Abbey. The campaign, which has already surpassed its initial $15,000 goal with a current total of $21,175 from 418 backers and 20 days still to go, aims to bring back the beloved whodunit deduction game to a new generation of players.

In Mystery of the Abbey, 3 to 6 players assume the roles of monks investigating a grisly murder within the confines of a medieval abbey. The game encourages players to explore the abbey’s various rooms, question each other, and deduce the murderer’s identity, creating an immersive, tension-filled experience. Drawing parallels with the evergreen Clue game, Mystery of the Abbey revolves around a unique blend of questioning, deduction, and strategic movement.

Monks in the game are classified based on three characteristics – order, body shape (fat or thin), and appearance (bald or hatted, bearded or clean-shaven). A card representing one monk is hidden, representing the murder culprit, and the remaining cards are distributed among players. Each turn allows players to move through two spaces and question monks present in the room.

Mystery of the Abbey stands out with its nuanced game mechanics. Correctly accusing the murderer isn’t the only way to win; players can also earn points for correct declarations about the culprit’s traits and lose points for incorrect declarations or accusations. Unique event cards add a touch of randomness, making every game session a unique experience and encouraging the development of house rules to manage the questioning process.

“Mystery of the Abbey combines the best elements of classic deduction games with innovative mechanics and a unique medieval abbey setting. We are thrilled by the response on Kickstarter and look forward to bringing this beloved game back to the gaming community,” stated a spokesperson from Mojito Studios.

With the Kickstarter campaign for Mystery of the Abbey running until July 19, interested gamers are encouraged to back the project and be a part of the revival of this classic deduction game.