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Snakes of Wrath Tile-laying Game Up On Kickstarter

Snakes of Wrath Tile-laying Game Up On Kickstarter

Looking for a new, quick, easy to play game for your gaming backpack that’s full of backstabbing goodness? Then you’ll want to check out Snakes of Wrath, a new tile-laying game that’s up on Kickstarter right now.

From the article:

Snakes of Wrath is an addictive, strategic, tile-laying game from Weast CoastGames. Two players battle for dominance in a tangled, hedonistic ouroboros. The Snakes of Wrath 1st Edition Game contains 90 molded, milk-polymer tiles, deluxe wooden privacy racks, a custom canvas snake sack, and handy rules of play.

Over four years of play-testing and strategic, loving refinement have gone into making this game. The variety and commonality of tiles has been carefully measured to ensure exciting and balanced gameplay, regardless of your hand.

We are truly honored to share this game with you.

Games last around 15-20 minutes, as two players or teams compete against each other to build, heal, stab, and steal the largest army of snakes. Lay your tiles strategically, flay your enemies, close your snakes, and emerge victorious. Plan ahead, guess your opponent’s moves, and deploy your hand carefully. Two-sided tiles mean the tides can change at any moment with a sinister steal or a well-laid trap.

The campaign’s around 7x funded with 16 days left to go.