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HacKClaD: An Anime-Inspired Competitive Deck-Building Arena Battler Now on Kickstarter

HacKClaD: An Anime-Inspired Competitive Deck-Building Arena Battler Now on Kickstarter

Japanime Games has introduced HacKClaD, a thrilling, sci-fi anime game that takes players into a futuristic world where they must combat menacing forces to safeguard their civilization. The game is now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

HacKClaD presents players with a competitive deck-building arena battle for 1-4 players. Set in Enclatiya, the final stronghold of civilization, players are tasked with fighting off the dreadful Clad that threatens humanity. Players choose one of five distinct witches to bring her power to the battlefield, customize their decks, and aim to earn the most Magic Shards for victory.

The game is a brainchild of Susabi Games and is expected to pack a punch with its tight deck-building, strategic evolution, and flexible playstyles. Besides the captivating gameplay, HacKClaD’s stunning sci-fi anime aesthetic sets it apart.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Japanime Games is also Kickstarting an expansion for HacKClaD, called CROSS FATE. This expansion adds two new characters, expands the game’s storyline, introduces a new Clad, and infuses innovative teleporting game mechanics to the mix.

CROSS FATE lifts the veil on the city’s secret operations with two new characters, Croy and Lov. It includes a new Clad Sequence board and deck while also offering a co-op mode where players can team up to take down the Clad. The expansion introduces Warp Gates that all characters can utilize, but only Croy has the power to create and obliterate these teleportation pathways.

Whether you’re looking to go head-to-head for the most Shards or band together to vanquish the Clad, HacKClaD and its CROSS FATE expansion promise a rich, strategic gameplay experience. Backers have until July 7 to contribute to the project.