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SideQuest20 Surpasses Kickstarter Goal for TTRPG Battle Maps and More

SideQuest20 Surpasses Kickstarter Goal for TTRPG Battle Maps and More

SideQuest20 has once again funded and completed a successful Kickstarter titled “TTRPG Battle Maps, Monster Maps, and More! (2023 Edition)”.

Designed for tabletop game aficionados, SideQuest20 offers an impressive collection of its best maps from 2023. Whether players are convening in-person around a table or navigating the virtual terrains of Roll20 or Foundry VTT, this selection of original maps is tailored to enhance any fantasy TTRPG experience. Alongside the maps, backers can also look forward to a set of print-and-play 2D minis/tokens, adding depth to their role-playing sessions.

Depending on their pledge, backers can anticipate:

  • Battle Maps: A choice of 10, 20, or 40 maps (potential of up to 60 with stretch goals). These maps cater to unique terrains and come in both gridded (18 x 24″) and ungridded versions. They are downloadable in high-quality PDF (300dpi for print) and JPG formats (150dpi suitable for Roll20 and Foundry VTT).
  • Monster Maps: Depending on the pledge level, backers will receive 5, 10, or 20 monster maps, each featuring a distinct boss monster. Like the battle maps, these too are available in gridded and ungridded formats, perfect for both physical and virtual tabletop gameplay.
  • Monster Minis/Tokens: Enhancing the gameplay experience, SideQuest20 provides 20 classic monster minis/tokens that backers can either print at home or utilize on virtual platforms like Roll20 and Foundry VTT.

For those keen on using the digital offerings, SideQuest20 ensures an uncomplicated experience. Every pledge comes complete with upload instructions tailored to Roll20 and Foundry VTT, ensuring that even those new to virtual tabletop gameplay can jump right into the action.

With one week still left for the campaign, it’s an opportune moment for tabletop enthusiasts to jump on board and get their hands on some fantastic maps!

Backers interested in supporting the project and securing these exclusive offerings can do so by visiting the official Kickstarter page.