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LEGO Ideas Unveils Dungeons & Dragons Set to Mark 50 Years of D&D

LEGO Ideas Unveils Dungeons & Dragons Set to Mark 50 Years of D&D

LEGO has introduced a new set through its LEGO Ideas platform, the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. The unveiling is set to be accompanied by a special event on April 6th, aiming to highlight the collaborative and imaginative spirit shared between LEGO and D&D enthusiasts.

Priced at £314.99, the Red Dragon’s Tale set comprises 3,745 pieces, offering builders and gamers alike a richly detailed scenario inspired by the D&D universe. The set is designed for individuals aged 18 and above, reflecting its complexity and appeal to adult fans of both LEGO and role-playing games.

To mark the occasion, LEGO has transformed the basement of the LEGO House into a custom game room for an event described as a unique “one-shot” experience. This game night is intended to not only showcase the new LEGO set but also to celebrate the enduring legacy and community spirit of D&D. Participants are encouraged to engage fully with the theme of the night, including bringing snacks to share, mirroring the communal atmosphere typical of D&D sessions.

The development of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set was initiated by fan designer Lucas Bolt, whose concept won over the LEGO Ideas community and was subsequently selected for production. This story highlights the community-driven nature of the LEGO Ideas platform, where fan submissions can become official LEGO sets.

In conjunction with the event, LEGO has partnered with D&D Beyond to offer digital enhancements for D&D players, including LEGO-themed digital dice and character backdrops. This partnership aims to blend the digital role-playing experience with the tangible creativity of LEGO building.

Additionally, the launch includes a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure book tailored to the Red Dragon’s Tale set, allowing fans to integrate the LEGO set into their D&D gameplay. This initiative offers an innovative way to combine traditional tabletop role-playing elements with LEGO construction.


Friday 22nd of March 2024

Awesome Lego set, I must have it in my medieval collection