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Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron Kickstarter Campaign Nears End with Over £647,000 Raised and Last Expansion Revealed

Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron Kickstarter Campaign Nears End with Over £647,000 Raised and Last Expansion Revealed

Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron, the highly-anticipated fantasy miniatures board game by Battle Systems, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign. With only 48 hours left until the campaign ends on April 6th, backers have raised over £647,000, surpassing the initial £50,000 goal.

The game, based on Battle System’s bestselling sci-fi game Core Space, takes players on a journey into ancient dungeons and abandoned settlements in search of fortune. The comprehensive campaign system allows players to develop their party’s skills, upgrade their equipment, and immerse themselves in a fully-customizable sandbox experience.

Battle Systems recently revealed their final expansion, The Forbidden Creed, which can be added as an add-on to Kickstarter pledges. The expansion introduces a brand new character type, Companions, and features 13 new miniatures, including the imposing Ascendant.

The Forbidden Creed campaign is a standalone storyline that can be played at any point in a party’s career, consisting of six new quests that detail the rise of a corrupt cabal of maladaar, who have set up camp in the ruined keep of Duhn-Lin. Players must fight the corrupted maladaar, overcome their magical abilities, and control the spirit of the Ascendant.

The Forbidden Creed also introduces a new focus on Forbidden Magic, with almost every aspect of the expansion linking back to it in some way. Players must carefully manage their use of forbidden magic, represented by the new Corruption mechanics. The expansion features a complete new set of Forbidden Spells, new equipment, new Skills, and a new Forbidden Power die.

In addition, the expansion offers new terrain features, including multi-level sections and arcane pillars that burst into flames to vent the magic saturating the keep.

Battle Systems has also announced translations of the game in French, German, and Spanish, with a full French edition already confirmed. A German or Spanish edition can be secured by pledging as normal and selecting the language in the pledge manager after the campaign, with a small extra charge of £12 to be paid in the pledge manager.

A handy pledge guide has also been added on the Kickstarter page with information about the different pledges and add-ons.