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Setting Guide to Retia – A D&D 5th Edition Handbook Achieves Kickstarter Success

Setting Guide to Retia – A D&D 5th Edition Handbook Achieves Kickstarter Success

Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Setting Guide to Retia’ Exceeds Funding Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for ‘Setting Guide to Retia,‘ a comprehensive guide for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, has successfully surpassed its funding goal. The project, initiated by Nat19, has raised over $61,520, well above its initial target of $22,191, with 27 days remaining in the campaign.

Details of the Guide

The ‘Setting Guide to Retia’ is a 500+ page handbook exploring the continent of Retia in the world of Somnus Domina. This guide aims to enhance the D&D 5th Edition experience by offering extensive lore, new monsters, character options, and a fresh approach to gameplay. Retia, one of three major continents, features a range of interlocked countries and a primary pantheon known as the Eidolons.

Campaign Objectives and Contents

The Kickstarter campaign is designed to support the completion and publication of the setting guide. The funding will be allocated to art and design, publishing costs, compensation for unpaid man-hours, and future Nat19 projects. The guide includes new rules for item attunement, magic identification, combat, and conditions, along with revised rules for spellcasting and group activities.

Compatibility and Additional Features

The guide is structured to be universally compatible with traditional D&D 5th Edition rules, offering flexibility for players and GMs. It introduces the Legacy Trait system for character races, allowing for extensive customization and the creation of mixed-blood races. Additionally, the book includes revised spells, subclasses, and items adapted to the 5.19 rules.

Unique Elements in the Guide

A notable feature is the introduction of eidolos, powerful creatures with demigod-like abilities. These eidolos and their corresponding equipment, the eidolic armaments, present new challenges and opportunities for players.