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Waddling Panda’s ‘Timelancers’ Brings Time Travel to Kickstarter

Waddling Panda’s ‘Timelancers’ Brings Time Travel to Kickstarter

Waddling Panda has launched an exciting Kickstarter campaign for its new board game, ‘Timelancers.’ The game combines elements of time travel, set collection, resource management, tableau building, and features a modular game board.

As of today, ‘Timelancers’ has raised over US$ 16,429 out of its US$ 20,000 goal, with 331 backers supporting this venture. With 28 days left until the campaign ends on July 27, it appears set to meet its fundraising target.

‘Timelancers’ envisions a 22nd-century world where time travel is a reality and political factions wage war over the future by altering the past. Players assume the role of freelance time travelers, or ‘Timelancers,’ hired by these factions to change historical events and reshape the future.

The gameplay revolves around gathering resources from Janusburg, the city of the future, and using a time machine to revise or repeat historical events across different eras. However, players must be wary – other Timelancers are also attempting to modify the future, and their actions can impact your progress. The race is on to be the first to accomplish your goals, adding a layer of urgency and competition to the game.

“The concept of time travel has always fascinated us,” said a spokesperson from Waddling Panda. “With ‘Timelancers,’ we wanted to bring that fascination to the tabletop, allowing players to rewrite history and shape the future in an immersive and competitive game.”

The game uses worker movement for resource collection and a modular game board that keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Players strive to earn victory points by traveling back in time and collecting real historical events.

‘Timelancers’ is an innovative addition to the board game industry, and with its ongoing Kickstarter campaign, fans of time travel and strategic board games can be a part of bringing this exciting concept to reality.


Sunday 2nd of July 2023

Sad.. this project was cancelled yesterday.