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Mixlore Partners with Shondaland and Netflix to Launch Bridgerton: The High Society Game

Mixlore Partners with Shondaland and Netflix to Launch Bridgerton: The High Society Game

Mixlore, an Asmodee studio, today announced the launch of a new card game, ‘Bridgerton: The High Society Game’, inspired by Shondaland’s global hit series Bridgerton. This announcement marks Mixlore’s fourth collaboration with Netflix and its inaugural partnership with Shondaland. The game will hit the shelves on August 1, exclusive to Walmart in the US, with a global release expected later in the year.

In ‘Bridgerton: The High Society Game’, three to six players will find themselves immersed in the regency era, where they will engage in dances with eligible prospects and seek out their perfect match based on prestige, desirability, and love. The objective is to secure a marriage proposal by the end of the game, with the highest-scoring player being declared the winner. The game includes characters from the Emmy-nominated Netflix original series, promising a delightful experience for fans of the novel and the television series alike.

“Bridgerton: The High Society Game captures the essence of the captivating world of Bridgerton,” said a spokesperson for Mixlore. “Players will feel like they have stepped into the regency era, as they navigate the game’s unique and strategic challenges to find their perfect match.”

‘Bridgerton: The High Society Game’ is expected to contribute significantly to Mixlore’s reputation as a top developer of innovative licensed games. As the Bridgerton series continues to captivate viewers worldwide, fans can now look forward to experiencing the high society life of the regency era right on their tabletops. This exciting game is bound to offer countless hours of strategic play and entertainment for all Bridgerton enthusiasts.