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iello Announces Cyber Bunny Monster for King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

iello Announces Cyber Bunny Monster for King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

Normally, when you see a little bunny, you’re all, “d’aww! Wookit da widdle bun-bun!” But when your bunny sets off the giant robot alert…

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

things have gotten a little darker. Cyber Bunny is the sixth monster that will be appearing in King of Tokyo: Dark Edition. Get a little look at him in this preview.

From the post:

Their steps make the buildings tremble as the mutant monsters roam the avenues, uprooting trees and crushing vehicles. With each roar the surrounding windows explode in an incessant rain of glass. They are massive, terrifying, and monstrous, and scattering throughout the districts of Dark Tokyo.

Greedily, frantically, passionately, they ravage this once beautiful city.

In a city decorated with strange colored eggs and statues of spring animals, Alienoid leans for a moment against a gigantic statue in the shape of a rabbit, catching his breath and regaining some hearts. He looks thoughtfully upwards as a full moon sheds its brilliant light upon a devastated city.

He never saw the slap coming, but when it landed he flew two dozen yards through the air. Surprise and terror overtook Alienoid as he got up slowly, watching that rabbit “statue” explode and come to life.

“How did I miss you,” asked a voice metallic and mocking, emerging from his metal sarcophagus. Globular eyes wide open, Alienoid’s found itself paralyzed by unspeakable horror, listening to a voice too cheerful and mocking.

“I missed you,” Cyber Bunny screamed, its perky voice an explosion of malicious laughter, as the shadow of its ears leaned over the frightened monster.

He is risen, and the secret is out! Cyber Bunny is the sixth monster appearing in King of Tokyo: Dark Edition! Their comeback may feel shocking after long years of absence, but Cyber Bunny is the perfect compliment to this beautiful new version of King of Tokyo! Malicious and vengeful, Cyber Bunny loves to smash their opponents, loves to smash on carrots and leaves, and loves when their plans go off without a hitch!