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Lost Haven Games to Launch ‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’: An Innovative TTRPG that Utilizes a 54-card Deck Inspired by Diablo

Lost Haven Games to Launch ‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’: An Innovative TTRPG that Utilizes a 54-card Deck Inspired by Diablo

Lost Haven Games is set to introduce an innovative twist to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) with the launch of ‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’ on Kickstarter later this year. The game uniquely uses a standard 54-card deck, including jokers, as the principal factor for determining character actions, creating an unusual and engaging game dynamic.

Set in the dark fantasy world of Haven, inspired by renowned games like Diablo and Darkest Dungeon, ‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’ tasks players with taking control of ill-fated and grim heroes. The players must battle hordes of undead creatures, monsters, and demons to prevent Abbadon, the Lord of Demons, from unleashing a looming darkness upon the world.

To triumph over this malevolent threat, players must explore depths beneath cities, forgotten temples, and mysterious caverns in the hopes of finding ancient artifacts or useful magical items. Their perilous journey is filled with opportunities for fortune and potential doom.

The game mechanics incorporate an element of unpredictability, with the Fate Weaver (the game master) dealing hands of cards to resolve player actions. Aiming for a total score of 13, players receive a default hand of two cards, with variations depending on a character’s level of skill, equipment, conditions, and situation.

‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’ offers four distinct character archetypes, each associated with a specific suit in the card deck.

Elementalists, powerful wielders of Fire, Water, and Air magic, generate fierce flames, crushing ocean waves, or spectacular lightning storms to confront their enemies. Faithful, worshippers of the dual deities of sun and moon, serve as a beacon of light in the darkness, employing the powers of light as a weapon and using prayer to uplift their companions.

Hexxing, feared for their mysterious and dark sorcery, use necromancy to speak to spirits of death, manipulate fate with hexes, and carry out blood sacrifices for substantial acts of destruction. Stalkers, who guard the wild places of Haven, are proficient in hunting monsters, moving through shadows, slaying enemies from afar, and setting cunning traps to hinder their prey.

A free quickstart for ‘Abbadon The Thirteen Seals’ is currently available on for players eager to delve into this dark, immersive world before the Kickstarter campaign commences. This unique TTRPG promises a thrilling adventure that combines elements of strategy, chance, and role-playing into a distinctive and compelling gaming experience. Head over to the Kickstarter prelaunch page to be notified when the project launches!

Ovis Militaris

Friday 30th of June 2023

Waiting for an expansion pack that introduces Azrael, the Angel of Death, to exterminate everyone.