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‘Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide’ – A Swashbuckling Adventure Across a Sea of Starlight for D&D 5E

‘Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide’ – A Swashbuckling Adventure Across a Sea of Starlight for D&D 5E

Ghostfire Gaming has set sail on a new adventure with their Kickstarter for “Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide”, a high-fantasy campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The Kickstarter campaign, launched recently, has already surpassed its original goal of US$ 20,000, with a current tally of US$ 89,007 and 1,178 backers.

The setting guide offers a rich, swashbuckling adventure that takes players across a sea of starlight floating in the Astral Plane. The Aetherial Expanse is an expansive new 5e-compatible campaign setting filled with new subclasses, monsters, magic, and innovative naval combat rules.

The guide is packed with extensive lore about the Aetherial Expanse, including detailed descriptions of locations, factions, and people of interest. Players can traverse the wondrous islands and sail across the starlight sea, engage in ship-to-ship battles, and discover new spells and magic items.

The Aetherial Expanse boasts over a dozen new subclasses, three new species, and Ghostfire’s character heritage system. This system allows players to craft a mix of species and cultural traits to define their character’s racial background. It features character options such as the Astral Emergents, Astral Merfolk, and Automatons.

Players can choose new subclasses such as the Aetherial Domain Cleric, Blade Dancer Bard, Corsair Fighter, Phantom Shrouded Sorcerer, Reaper Warlock, and Technomage Wizard. Each subclass offers unique abilities and lore, providing new opportunities for character development and customization.

In this campaign setting, the Astral Plane plays host to powerful empires, ruthless merchants, and fearless pirates, all vying for control and wealth in the Aetherial Expanse. Each faction has their own ambitions, and the setting guide offers a variety of options for player alliances and motivations.

In addition to the rich lore and character options, the guide introduces new mechanics for naval combat and exploration. Players can use the shipbuilding rules to craft vessels with as much character as any member of its crew. The naval combat rules promise to bring to life chaotic ship-to-ship battles at your game table.

Magic is a key element of the Aetherial Expanse, and the guide provides a treasure trove of spells, magic items, and new magitech. The discovery of arcane-infused aetherium has led to a flood of wondrous new magitech devices.

The guide offers a monstrous menagerie of new 5th edition creatures. Inside, players will encounter astral titans, feathered stars, unusual elementals, malevolent fiends, aberrant beasts, and many other creatures as they explore this extraordinary region of the astral plane.

Backers can pledge to receive various rewards, including the Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide (Special Edition), Digital Asset Pack, Aetherial Expanse Card Deck, Fabric Setting Map, and Magnetic GM Screen. These additional resources enhance gameplay and bring the setting to life, both visually and mechanically.

Ghostfire Gaming’s Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide promises an unforgettable adventure for players and GMs alike. The Kickstarter campaign runs until July 15, providing ample time for fans to back the project and embark on their own astral voyages.