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Kobold Press Releases Refreshed ‘Tome of Beasts’ for a More Dynamic RPG Experience

Kobold Press Releases Refreshed ‘Tome of Beasts’ for a More Dynamic RPG Experience

Kobold Press, known for its high-quality tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) content, has announced the release of the updated version of its classic monster manual, “Tome of Beasts”. The updated product brings a fresh outlook to the original creatures, aligning them more closely with the styles, structures, and features of newer monsters introduced by Kobold Press.

This revision is the result of an extensive process that has been underway for some time, bringing to light a harmonious blend of changes while maintaining the essence of the original version. Despite the significant alterations, the revised Tome of Beasts continues to fit well with the Core Fantasy Roleplaying (CFR) rule set and the Tales of the Valiant (ToV) RPG. The revised monsters can seamlessly integrate into any 5E or CFR game.

One key change in the refresh is the redesigning of the rift swine, a chaotic boar-like creature known for its exposure to chaotic magical energy. Previously, the game master selected a mutation for the swine before combat began, but this approach was limiting. The updated version introduces a dynamic change, allowing a new random mutation at the start of each of the rift swine’s turns, thus better encapsulating the chaotic essence of the creature and making the gameplay more engaging for both the game master and players.

The announcement also addressed several questions around the new edition. The 2023 version of Tome of Beasts is considered a separate product due to the extensive revisions and addition of new monsters. Therefore, owners of the original ToB would need to purchase the new version separately. The 2023 edition will also be available on Virtual TableTop (VTT) platforms, with the digital version treated as a separate product. Finally, while the revision was not specifically created for the ‘Tales of the Valiant’ game, its compatibility is ensured, as ToV is designed to be backward compatible with any 5E content.

The revised Tome of Beasts offers game masters and players a more dynamic, engaging, and immersive role-playing experience. Fans of Kobold Press are advised to keep an eye on the official website for further updates and the VTT launch.