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Last Chance to Support Endangered: American Red Wolf & Galapagos Penguins on Kickstarter

Last Chance to Support Endangered: American Red Wolf & Galapagos Penguins on Kickstarter

With just 32 hours left before the campaign closes, the Endangered: American Red Wolf Scenario & Endangered Rescue Kickstarter has garnered massive support, reaching $27,577 in pledges far beyond its initial $1,000 goal. The campaign, which ends on September 20, aims to draw attention to the plight of the American red wolf, the most endangered wolf species in the world, while offering a unique gaming experience to players.

The Real-Life Scenario

The American red wolf was once abundant throughout the southeastern United States, but today only a tiny population remains in the wilds of North Carolina. Since 1987, the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge has hosted a carefully managed breeding program aimed at reinvigorating the species. However, much of the red wolves’ recovery area is privately owned, making local support crucial for their survival.

Endangered: The Game System

Endangered serves as the foundational game system for the American Red Wolf Scenario expansion. It’s a cooperative board game where players work together to overcome challenges that endangered species face. Players assume different roles with unique advantages and a common goal—to save the animals from extinction. Winning the game is no cakewalk, but even in losing, there’s a lesson to be learned. Players can come back stronger with better planning, communication, and teamwork.

New Game Mechanics

This mini-expansion introduces two new mechanics: Farms and Influential Groups, providing fresh dimensions to the gameplay. The American Red Wolf scenario was created through the collaborative efforts of Lindsey Olimpio, a working conservationist at the Endangered Wolf Center, and her husband, Johnathan Olimpio.

Supporting Conservation Efforts

The Kickstarter campaign collaborates with the Endangered Wolf Center, an AZA-certified non-profit wildlife facility in St. Louis, MO, focused on wolf conservation. Every pledge will lead to a donation towards wolf conservation efforts.

For those interested in contributing directly or learning more about the American Red Wolf SAFE program, additional information is available through the Red Wolf Coalition.

As the clock ticks down, it’s a race not just against time but against the very real threat of extinction. Head over to Kickstarter to lend your support to this groundbreaking campaign and save the American Red Wolf.