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Privateer Press Announces New Faction and Cadre for WARMACHINE MKIV, Coming This December

Privateer Press Announces New Faction and Cadre for WARMACHINE MKIV, Coming This December

Privateer Press is setting the stage for an exciting winter for WARMACHINE MKIV players. The company announced the forthcoming release of a new Faction Army Starter—the Khymaera Shadowflame Shard—as well as a brand-new multi-model cadre for Khador, dubbed the Annihilators. Both additions are slated for release in December of this year.

Khymaera Shadowflame Shard: A New Force Emerges

Diving deep underground, the new Khymaera Faction brings a draconic twist to the game with the Shadowflame Shard Core Army Starter. The set boasts 22 models, led by a brand-new warlock named Shyryss, the Flawless Dark. Adding further might to this new army are two heavy warbeasts: the Vypex and the Hydrix, designed to challenge enemy forces in table-top battles.

The army set comes with four new units, two command attachments, and one solo model. Players can configure the warbeasts to build an army ranging from 47 to 66 points. Retailers opting for the December Premium Bundle, which includes four Shadowflame Shard Core Army Starters, will also receive four exclusive Shadowflame Shard Quickfang Master Holiday Minis.

Khador Annihilators: A Cadre of Destruction

For the MKIV Khador players, the Annihilators cadre adds new life to the game. This expansion features a fresh warcaster, Kommander Tatiana Sikora, and a unique character solo, Sergeant Sergei Krol. These characters enhance gameplay when combined with existing Winter Korps or the anticipated Old Umbrey forces. Additionally, the Controller solo and the Man-O-War Wrecking Crew unit will add a layer of devastation, especially when up against enemy warjacks.

Matthew D. Wilson, Creative Director of Privateer Press, expressed enthusiasm for the new releases, stating, “As the newest Faction and army for the fourth edition of WARMACHINE, the Khymaera Shadowflame Shard joins the Brineblood Marauders in bringing back warlock-led armies en force. Cadres open up new list-building opportunities for players, acting as a bridge between the armies of new MKIV Factions, and we’re looking forward to introducing the Annihilators and more cadres in the future.”

Availability and Pricing

Both the Khymaera Shadowflame Shard Core Army Starter and the Khador Annihilator Cadre will be available through local game stores and the Privateer Press Online Store in December. The MSRP is set at $199.99 for the army starter and $99.99 for the cadre.

With these new additions, Privateer Press aims to elevate the gaming experience for WARMACHINE MKIV enthusiasts, offering not just new models but also strategic and tactical depth. Mark your calendars for December, as the underground Khymaera and the devastating Annihilators prepare to make their debut.