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“Six Forms” Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Introducing Chess-Inspired Trading Card Gameplay

“Six Forms” Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Introducing Chess-Inspired Trading Card Gameplay

The Kickstarter campaign for “Six Forms,” a new trading card game that merges chess-like strategic elements with high-fantasy art, has successfully exceeded its funding goal. The campaign has raised US$ 18,724, surpassing its initial goal of US$ 11,992, with 77 backers and 26 days remaining until its conclusion on April 16. This innovative game is designed for those who enjoy competitive play and are drawn to the allure of fantasy-themed art.

“Six Forms” has been in development for 18 years, undergoing more than 30 significant iterations to refine its gameplay and mechanics. It offers players a unique gaming experience with over 250 unique cards, enabling a wide range of deck-building strategies. The game’s 4 x 4 grid-based board is designed to encourage dynamic combat and ensure that gameplay remains engaging.

Players in “Six Forms” collect decks and compete in head-to-head battles, employing strategic card maneuvers based on the directional arrows on the grid. The aim is to showcase skillful combinations and strategic positioning to overcome opponents. The game emphasizes streamlined gameplay, interactive play spaces, and a collector’s appreciation for unique art and storytelling.

Various pledge tiers are available for backers, including the “Mortal Pack,” “Essence Pack,” and “Edgewalker Pack,” along with optional purchases such as Starter Kits, Displays of 24 Boosters, and Game Mats. The Starter Kit offers two pre-constructed decks, allowing new players to quickly engage with the game. Additionally, the campaign features exclusive Kickstarter cards for backers at certain levels, with these cards not slated for reprint, adding an element of exclusivity.

The game’s artwork and lore add depth to the playing experience. “Six Forms” features full-art trading cards and introduces players to a universe where they embody powerful Essences using avatars to unlock hidden powers across six forms: biotic, ethereal, cosmic, magical, primeval, or synthetic. The narrative backdrop involves a universe nearing its end, with players vying to reverse this fate by harnessing the power of the Six Forms