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Storytellers Forge Set to Launch Crowdfunding for The Black Ballad Campaign

Storytellers Forge Set to Launch Crowdfunding for The Black Ballad Campaign

Storytellers Forge Studios has announced that it will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming TTRPG project, The Black Ballad. The Backerkit for the campaign went live yesterday on March 7th, 2023, and fans are already eagerly backing the project, and it has already surpassed its $65.000 goal.

The Black Ballad is a 10-chapter campaign for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other TTRPGs inspired by DiAmorte’s second album. The campaign explores the concept of resurrection and its impact on the natural order of things. The campaign promises to be a masterful blend of story and music, with each chapter of the book having a corresponding track on the album.

Storytellers Forge is an indie roleplaying game design studio that focuses on crafting compelling narratives. The studio’s founders, Rick Heinz, Pat Edwards, and Courtney Penny, have teamed up to give creatives better rights over their work. The Black Ballad is the first project to come out of the studio, and it promises to be an immersive and epic campaign that can be adapted for any storyteller’s home world.

The campaign offers several tiers for fans to back, with additional benefits for those who back on the first day. Backers can choose to receive a pdf or hard copy of the book, and there are options for loot crates and to be written into the campaign as their own god character.

The Black Ballad is a fascinating exploration between the divine and mortals, between life and death, that all comes down to the choices made during the campaign. The partnership between Storytellers Forge and DiAmorte promises to be an epic adventure that will leave players and Game Masters alike eager for more.