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Eldermancy RPG Setting and Adventured Up On Kickstarter

Eldermancy RPG Setting and Adventured Up On Kickstarter

20 weeks. That’s how long the islands are from complete devastation. Can they be saved? That’s up to your players to find out in Sunken Isles, a new setting guide and adventure for 5th edition D&D that’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Since Manaki and its cultures don’t customarily use gold when trading, the party needs a new way to acquire and upgrade their equipment. Player Characters can harvest and trade resources around the island, and similar to familiar classics, you can craft anything from simple weapons to complete sailing boats.

This 5th Edition adventure gives you and your players 20 weeks to save the isles from complete annihilation. Each week can take one or several sessions, with the characters levelling up at the end of each week. The islands in the book and each adventure are designed to compensate for the party’s growing strength, and some enemies and NPCs grow alongside the party.

Players will have the option to play as one of several races introduced in the adventure. The Decapodians, a race of crustaceans that features both lobster-like and mantis shrimp humanoids. The Kia’i, aquatic defenders of the ocean who have sworn to protect it from the activities in the overworld. The Mirescales, a race of small dinosaur humanoids that were created from a twist of fate of wild natural magic. All of these are fully fleshed out, including several new island themed backgrounds!

The campaign’s more than 22x funded with 28 days to go.