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Archon Studio Unveils Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves with PrismaCast on Gamefound

Archon Studio Unveils Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves with PrismaCast on Gamefound

Archon Studio has announced the launch of Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves, the latest addition to their renowned line of modular plastic terrain for role-playing games. This innovative campaign, set to debut on Gamefound on March 5th, promises to transform the RPG terrain landscape with its cutting-edge PrismaCast technology.

Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves introduces three distinct main themes for backers to choose from, ensuring a versatile and immersive experience for a variety of settings:

  • Rocky Caves: These universal cavern pieces are designed to fit seamlessly into any game setting, providing a generic yet versatile backdrop for adventures.
  • Demonic Caves: Tailored for narratives involving cultists or demonic entities, these caves feature sinister designs on their walls and floors, perfect for underground lairs.
  • Belly of the Beast: This theme offers a unique setting with fleshy walls and meat bridges, ideal for parties finding themselves inside a colossal creature such as a Tarrasque.

The standout feature of this campaign is the introduction of PrismaCast, Archon Studio’s new pre-painted technology. PrismaCast aims to elevate the quality of painted terrain with a durability and affordability not seen before in the market. This technology promises a finish comparable to that of skilled painters, resistant to scraping and wear. Moreover, Archon plans to apply PrismaCast to previous terrain sets, expanding its reach beyond the new campaign offerings.

In addition to the innovative terrain, the Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves campaign will continue Archon Studio’s tradition of offering enticing freebies. Backers can expect a range of stretch goals featuring subthemes and optional parts, along with exclusive miniatures: a Minotaur for returning backers and a Gelatinous Cube for those who follow the campaign pre-launch.

Mark your calendars for March 5th to join this groundbreaking adventure and bring unparalleled depth and realism to your RPG sessions with Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves. Discover more about PrismaCast and the campaign on Archon Studio’s Gamefound page and their official blog.