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Onyx Path Publishing Announces “Curious Cats of Mau” Supplement for Realms of Pugmire

Onyx Path Publishing Announces “Curious Cats of Mau” Supplement for Realms of Pugmire

Onyx Path Publishing has released details of their upcoming supplement, “Curious Cats of Mau,” for the Realms of Pugmire roleplaying game. This addition explores the lives of cats in a world where humanity has vanished, allowing these feline characters to embark on adventures, delve into ancient ruins, and navigate the complexities of politics among their kind, rival species, and the dogs of Pugmire.

Developed in collaboration between Lauren Roy and Eddy Webb, the creator of Pugmire, “Curious Cats of Mau” marks the first supplement following the successful crowdfunding of the new edition of Pugmire in early 2023. Unlike the previous game, “Monarchies of Mau,” this supplement requires the Realms of Pugmire core rulebook, a decision that reflects the community’s interest in a unified gaming experience across the canine and feline realms.

2024, the tenth anniversary of the first Pugmire media, was chosen by Webb as the opportune moment to release updated content for cat enthusiasts within the gaming community. The supplement includes comprehensive character creation rules, detailed descriptions of the cat houses, new callings, and an extensive look at the monarchies and the ominous House Smilodon. Additionally, it offers an array of new spells, masterworks, enemies, and three new adventures designed for game Guides.

To facilitate the publication of “Curious Cats of Mau” in game stores, Onyx Path Publishing has launched a BackerKit campaign aimed at funding the print run. The campaign is set to last four weeks. Following this release, the publisher has also disclosed plans for a second supplement, “Threats and Curs,” focusing on a collection of monsters and antagonists, indicating a direct move to production.

Interested parties can sign up to receive notifications about the campaign launch and further developments regarding “Curious Cats of Mau” and the broader Realms of Pugmire series.