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DUKK BÖRG Takes Flight, Surpassing Funding Goals on Kickstarter

DUKK BÖRG Takes Flight, Surpassing Funding Goals on Kickstarter

With a week left in its Kickstarter campaign, Gem Room Games’ new tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) module, DUKK BÖRG, has substantially surpassed its initial funding goal of $3,000. As of today, the project has garnered over $12,096 from 430 backers.

About the Game

DUKK BÖRG is designed as a compatible module for the MÖRK BORG TTRPG system. The game is a grindhouse fantasy experience featuring duck-human hybrid characters. Inspired by both the Saturday morning cartoon DuckTales and the apocalyptic themes of MÖRK BÖRG, this module explores a post-apocalyptic landscape where adventurers seek treasures and face various challenges, all while racing against time.

Features and Compatibility

This module can either function as a standalone setting or be integrated into existing MÖRK BÖRG campaigns. It brings a unique flavor to tabletop gaming by blending elements like found family, high-stakes adventure, and the quest for extravagant wealth. Features include:

  • A detailed map of the doomed city of DUKK BÖRG and its surrounding areas.
  • Rules for forming your own clan in the style of the McDuck tradition.
  • Optional character classes, such as Treasure Hunter and Gizmo Speaker.
  • Adversaries and associates who share your quest for wealth.
  • A theme psalm that counts down the end of the world in a whimsically apocalyptic manner.

New and Updated Content

The Kickstarter campaign promises updated content and a new adventure, along with a much-requested print expansion. The 66-page A5 zine will feature original illustrations, a custom layout, and full color throughout.

Expansions and Additional Material

A notable addition to the module is an expansion inspired by the character Darkwing Duck. Designed by Rae Nedjadi and Tony Vasinda, this part of the module includes a new character class, a map of a new city, and additional adversaries and treasures.

The campaign is set to end on September 26, offering backers a limited window to support the project and gain access to this innovative module.

For those interested in a preview, a demo edition and character sheets are available on the Gem Room Games website. Actual plays from Plus One Exp and Gehenna Gaming offer further insight into how the game functions in practice.