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Epic Battles Wargaming Takes Players Through 5,000 Years of History

Epic Battles Wargaming Takes Players Through 5,000 Years of History

Epic Battles, a new wargaming rulebook that allows players to relive famous battles from history, is currently on Kickstarter and has raised $13,000 of its $123,000 goal with 41 days remaining.

Epic Battles is a unique wargaming experience that covers battles from over five thousand years of history. The game incorporates the development of tactics and weaponry throughout history, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and veterans. The game is designed to challenge players’ tactical abilities, as the winner is the one who can coordinate their troops, move them effectively, and handle the chaos of battle.

The first box set includes everything needed to play four battles from the Italian Wars during the Renaissance period. The scenarios include the battles of Fornovo 1495, Agnadello 1509, Pavia 1525, and Ceresole D’Alba 1544. The box set includes a rulebook, a scenario booklet, a full-color modular battlefield map, terrain tiles, counters, plastic stands, summary tables, and dice.

One of the unique features of Epic Battles is the scalable battlefield board. The game map consists of a 24×18 hexes grid, which can be expanded when future expansions are released. The players will place configuration tiles on the map to define the terrain features where the battle was fought.

The cardboard counters are printed on both sides, one side represents the front of the combat unit while the other is its back, making it easy to identify the front and rear of each unit. The plastic stands also serve as information markers, indicating the current status of combat units and the cohesion points of combat groups.

The game is played by leading an army to victory by forcing the opponent’s army to withdraw. Combat units are differentiated according to their tactical purpose, strength, combat value, morale, armor, and maneuverability. They are organized into groups led by generals, who control them hierarchically or directly. The game’s clock marks the historical time passing during the battle, with each game turn covering 15 minutes of real-time.