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Caliya’s Chronicle of Runes: Runic Expansion for D&D 5e Debuts on Kickstarter Now

Caliya’s Chronicle of Runes: Runic Expansion for D&D 5e Debuts on Kickstarter Now

‘Caliya’s Chronicle of Runes: A Runic Expansion for D&D 5e’ brings a wealth of new lore, subclasses, spells, races, and monsters linked to popular D&D languages to the table. The Kickstarter campaign, which originally set a goal of $15,000, has already gathered over $44,000 with 28 days left, indicating strong support from the gaming community.

The 300+ page book, designed for both Dungeon Masters (DMs) and players, offers a unique blend of languages-turned-legendary. Each language from Elvish to Draconic, and Infernal to Druidic, is now associated with item-enhancing runes and scripts. This allows adventurers to harness the mythical power of thousands of arcane symbols infused with ancestral magic.

Runes, in ‘Caliya’s Chronicle of Runes’, are a new kind of magic item, intuitively designed for any table. They can be transferred to existing equipment, augmenting beloved weapons, armor, and more with magical potency.

A myriad of new races and subraces are also introduced, allowing players to immerse themselves in the culture and history of their favorite runes. From Half-Dryads representing Sylvan, to Ice Devil Tieflings for Infernal, the expansion embraces runic themes across the spectrum of 5e languages.

In addition, twelve new subclasses linked with a 5e language are featured. These include the ‘Path of the Wild Barbarian’ associated with Druidic, and the ‘Giant Patron Warlock’ tied to Giant.

Dozens of new creatures and non-playable characters (NPCs) enrich the game world, and DMs can deploy thematic monsters at any point in a campaign.

This project proudly presents items and artwork contributed by notable D&D creators such as Abyssal Brews, Aripockily, Critical Crafting, Dungeon Scribe, Dungeon Strugglers, Loot Tavern, Mithral Canvas, The Fluffy Folio, and The Griffon’s Saddlebag.

The tome also integrates with, allowing for instant translation into several of the runic languages found in ‘Caliya’s Chronicle of Runes’. This feature helps to create immersive handouts for the table or allows for the sending of encrypted fantasy messages.

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Saturday 1st of July 2023

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