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BURGERPunk: A Deep-Fried Dystopian TTRPG Takes Kickstarter by Storm in Zine Quest 5 Event

BURGERPunk: A Deep-Fried Dystopian TTRPG Takes Kickstarter by Storm in Zine Quest 5 Event

BURGERPunk, the latest tabletop role-playing game by artist/editor Jeff Martin, is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter as part of the Zine Quest year 5 event. With a unique concept and an intriguing backstory, the game has already reached 241% of its original funding goal less than a week into the campaign.

Inspired by post-apocalyptic sci-fi, 80s action flicks, and fast-food marketing, BURGERPunk takes place in the dark future/past of 1997, in a timeline where the Cola Wars went nuclear and destroyed civilization as we know it. In this world, the inhabitants of New McDonaldland must contend with wasteland raiders, clown cultists, and horrific creatures born of the Living Meat(TM). Players will navigate this hostile, yet tasty post-American landscape as one of several unique character classes, or “Flavour Profiles,” including the Cola Commando, Burger Beast, American Idolator, Hampath, and more.

BURGERPunk uses a slightly tweaked version of the Powered by the Apocalypse rules framework, making it accessible to both novice and experienced TTRPG players. The game is artist/editor Jeff Martin’s sixth crowdfunding project, following four comics and one previous game, and the second project by Guinea Pig Press, which achieved an impressive 1071% of its original funding goal for its previous game, Hell, Inc.: The RPG, a supernatural workplace comedy game.

As with Hell, Inc.: The RPG, BURGERPunk has already unlocked some stretch goals, including adding microfiction contributed by guest writers into the main game booklet, an adventure module, and a short equipment and bestiary supplement (Weapons & Weirdos). The creators also hope to unlock a bonus recipe zine as a stretch goal.

With its unique blend of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, fast-food marketing, and 80s action flicks, BURGERPunk promises to be an exciting and engaging TTRPG. The crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing, with plenty of time left to back the project and unlock even more exciting stretch goals.