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Gudnak: A New Tactical Expandable Card Game – On Kickstarter Now

Gudnak: A New Tactical Expandable Card Game – On Kickstarter Now

A new tactical card game, “Gudnak,” is now on Kickstarter, having already surpassed its funding goal of $10,000 with a current pledge of $22,551. With 29 days still remaining in its campaign, Gudnak has attracted 175 backers and is set to end on December 29.

A Lively Fantasy World on the Brink

Set in a vibrant yet dying fantasy world, Gudnak presents a unique backdrop where the sun is dwindling, leading to widespread strife among various factions. Players enter this world facing a looming doomsday, with each faction fighting to stay fed and warm in the lowering temperatures.

Core Set and Expansions

The core set of Gudnak introduces players to four distinct factions: The Refractory, The Shardsworn Alliance, The Gloaming, and Delguon. Each faction has its unique characteristics and strategies. In addition to the core set, the first two expansions, the Auroxi and the Rotborn, add new factions, card types, and numerous neutral and faction-specific cards to enrich the deck-building experience.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Gudnak stands out for its symmetrical deckbuilding, ensuring each player has an equal number of tactics and fighters. Unlike some card games where only a fraction of the deck is utilized, Gudnak allows players to use every card in their deck in every game. The game is played on a 3×3 grid for two players, or a 5×5 grid for four players, where players build their deck of Heroes and Tactics to siege their opponent’s stronghold while defending their own.

Easy-to-Learn Yet Deeply Tactical

While Gudnak is designed to be fast-paced and easy to transport, it doesn’t compromise on tactical depth. The game is easy to learn but offers surprising depth in both gameplay and deckbuilding. The focus is on using fighters effectively to ensure your army outlasts that of your opponents.

The Factions: A Glimpse into the Dying World

  • The Refractory: A religious group that builds keeps and monuments in sunlit areas, believing the sun is a punishing god.
  • The Shardsworn Alliance: A coalition unified in protecting magical shards used for energy and power.
  • The Gloaming: Undead and spirits from a long-gone Elven kingdom, seeking to win a war they once lost.
  • Delguon: A cult of Dwarves sacrificing themselves to demons, driven to dominate the fray.

Gudnak not only promises an engaging tactical card game experience but also immerses players in a rich, fantastical narrative. Whether players choose to be saviors or harbingers of doom in this dying world, Gudnak offers a complete and customizable experience right out of the box, with more fun promised through future expansions.