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Luddite’: A Dystopian Roll-and-Write Game Launching on Kickstarter This Summer

Luddite’: A Dystopian Roll-and-Write Game Launching on Kickstarter This Summer

Following the outstanding success of Solar 175, which accumulated over $220,000 in funding, Cogito Ergo Meeple is poised to take the tabletop gaming community by storm once again. This summer, the esteemed creators will return to Kickstarter with their latest brainchild, Luddite. A roll and write campaign game, Luddite stands out for its fully integrated graphic novel and its dystopian sci-fi setting, which players of Solar 175 will find familiar.

Set in Yurushi, Earth’s largest city, Luddite throws players into the shoes of a young engineer recently laid off by the Niven Megacorporation. The player’s subsequent move back to the Saitama Slums, a populated wasteland filled with the newly “useless classes” rendered unemployable by AI-powered automata, sets the stage for a gritty survival story.

The game’s narrative comes alive as the player is recruited by Red Ludd, the enigmatic leader of a resistance group known as the Luddites. Their goal? To use their collective engineering skills to hack and sabotage the very automata that have replaced them.

However, this isn’t a simple tale of rebellion. The mega-corporations didn’t reach their towering positions by playing fair. Players must exercise caution, as those caught in acts of sabotage will face severe and unjust consequences.

Brought to life through hundreds of stunning pieces of art by the talented Adam Beachey, Luddite is a campaign game that follows the narrative of a custom-made graphic novel. The game can be played solo or with an unlimited number of players, either cooperatively or competitively. The campaign can be reset and replayed indefinitely, offering countless hours of strategic and immersive gaming.

Luddite adds a unique twist to classic roll and write mechanics with its novel, push-your-luck style system. Players must work against the clock to disrupt the AI systems and escape before countermeasures kick in.

In addition to its thrilling narrative and innovative gameplay, Luddite offers premium components such as metal coins, a custom dice tray, and chunky 25mm dice. The game promises a quality tabletop experience for the reasonable price of £35. For those seeking cost-effective options, a print and play version will be offered for just £4, and a digital port of the game will be available for £8. Each version grants players full access to the Luddite experience, including all game maps and the graphic novel.

With a game duration of 20-40 minutes and suitability for players aged 16 and above, Luddite promises to be an exciting, thought-provoking, and accessible addition to any tabletop gaming collection. Keep an eye out for its Kickstarter launch this summer!

Cogito Ergo Meeple

Wednesday 17th of May 2023

Thanks so much for this wonderful article about our game!