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Imaria: The Pillars of Power – A New Realm of Adventure on Kickstarter

Imaria: The Pillars of Power – A New Realm of Adventure on Kickstarter

“Imaria: The Pillars of Power” is currently live on Kickstarter and rapidly surpassing its funding goal, this 5e setting and module book has garnered over $15,685, exceeding its initial target of $8,757.

“Imaria: The Pillars of Power” is not just another addition to the realm of 5e games; it’s a 400+ page tome introducing novel concepts like mana, anti-magic, psionics, and ethereal chronomancy. These four ‘Pillars of Power’ form the core of a unique and extensive world, isolated from extraplanar forces by a temporal energy barrier known as the Veil. This new setting invites players into a universe where magic is not just a tool, but the fabric of reality itself.

The project is backed by a star-studded team, including renowned figures like Elisa Teague, Ed Greenwood, Keith Baker, Bryan CP Steele, and Damien Haas. Their collective expertise has helped shape Imaria into a world deeply rooted in the lore and legacy of role-playing games. Additional collaborators such as Luke Gygax, Todd Stashwick, and others have also contributed, creating an anthology of Imarian adventures.

Imaria itself is a land of wonder and danger. Players can explore vast continents floating in the sky, sprawling underground cities, and encounter a plethora of fantastical creatures. The game introduces overhauled systems like the Strands of Destiny, which refreshes the concept of inspiration in gameplay, allowing players more control over their characters’ fates. Furthermore, the setting includes technological advancements such as black powder weapons and magical airships, adding a new dimension to the traditional fantasy setting.

The game also offers a wealth of character options, including new subclasses like the Titanhand fighter and Powdershot Ranger, as well as three innovative new classes: the Weavebreaker, Aeonsage, and Psionicist. The diversity of the game’s inhabitants is also noteworthy, with unique peoples like the anthropomorphic niimals and the magical skytouched.

An exciting aspect of the campaign is the integration of elements from the award-winning video game “Greak: Memories of Azur,” allowing players to engage with this universe in a new way. Additionally, the game includes a plethora of new feats, spells, magic items, anti-magic inventions, and powerful artifacts.

“Imaria: The Pillars of Power” also features detailed group patrons, offering players the chance to delve into deep storylines filled with political intrigue and ancient secrets. The game presents new challenges with its array of exotic monsters and supernatural regions that redefine the essence of magic in the game world.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Imaria has scheduled a series of streams on Six Sides of Gaming, including designer Q&As and actual play sessions showcasing the game’s mechanics. These events offer an exciting opportunity for fans to get a closer look at this promising new world.