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Free League Publishing Announces Black Friday Sale and Website Revamp

Free League Publishing Announces Black Friday Sale and Website Revamp

Free League Publishing has just announced a spectacular Black Friday Sale, offering a rare opportunity for RPG enthusiasts to dive into their diverse and immersive game worlds. The sale, featuring discounts of up to 50%, includes a selection of their core RPG books and starter sets, inviting players to embark on a variety of adventures, from traversing alternate ’80s landscapes to exploring the vastness of space.

The sale, already underway, includes notable titles like “The One Ring™”, “BLADE RUNNER The Roleplaying Game”, “ALIEN The Roleplaying Game”, “Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying”, “Tales from the Loop RPG”, “Forbidden Lands”, “Symbaroum”, “Twilight: 2000”, and “Mutant: Year Zero”. These games, celebrated for their rich storytelling and immersive gameplay, are now more accessible than ever to both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. The Black Friday Sale will conclude on Monday, November 27.

In a move to enhance customer experience, Free League Publishing has also unveiled a completely redesigned website. The new design focuses on user-friendliness and includes an array of new tools and guidelines, especially beneficial for those new to the world of tabletop roleplaying games.

In addition to the sale, there’s more exciting news for fans of Free League Publishing. The “BLADE RUNNER RPG”, one of the games included in the Black Friday Sale, has been nominated for Best Roleplaying Game in the Tabletop Awards 2023 at Dicebreaker. The winner will be announced at Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia on December 2. Furthermore, fans have the opportunity to vote in the Tabletop Awards’ People’s Choice prize, which is decided entirely by public votes. Voting remains open until 00.00 GMT on Monday, November 27th.

However, RPG enthusiasts are encouraged to take advantage of the sale before it ends, as Free League has announced that post-Black Friday, prices in their webshop will be increased overall due to general inflation and the currently weak SEK currency.