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Big Bads from Hit Point Press: A Collection of Boss Monsters and Bosses for 5e D&D Now on Kickstarter

Big Bads from Hit Point Press: A Collection of Boss Monsters and Bosses for 5e D&D Now on Kickstarter

The highly anticipated Big Bads from Hit Point Press is on Kickstarter now and has already surpassed its initial goal by raising $75,000 within hours of the campaign launch. With 29 days left to go, the campaign is expected to attract even more fans of Dungeons and Dragons and the fantasy genre.

Big Bads is a two-volume collection of the biggest and baddest bosses, monsters, and magic items for 5e D&D. The collection includes 25+ fully fleshed-out villains with their motivations, minions, and over 100 more monsters and magic items, making it the perfect tool for building a campaign or running a one-shot around thrilling villains.

Recommended for fans of The X-Files, Hellboy, and Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Big Bads introduces a rogues gallery of boss monsters that players will love to defeat. The squabbling duo Pork and Bean, Blrrk the sentient ooze mob boss, the twisted tooth-fairy the Prince in Ivory, and the soul-stealing celestial Imryss are just a few of the villains waiting for players to take them on. And if that wasn’t enough, the world-ending threats like Harathos the Bound God and the deep horror Vellai-Axal will certainly give players a run for their money.

Originally conceived as a Boss monster of the month zine for Patreon, Big Bads has been an over 3-year-long project of Boss Monsters with over 100 collaborators. The book collects the first 25 Big Bads zines and adds a ton of connective content and player options from a guide to the Big Bad Bureau to campaign frames that connect multiple Big Bads into a larger story.

With 250+ pages, full backstories, tactics, and stat blocks, dozens of new magic items and minions, character options, including a background, feats, and equipment, 90+ adventure hooks, Big Bad Bureau boss monster files, Big Bads Campaign Frames for Inspiration, a Guide to the Big Bad Bureau – A New Organization for Players to Join, and battle maps, Big Bads is a must-have for any D&D enthusiast.

The book also features 100+ new creatures, a wide variety of CRs and creature types, 100+ new magic items of all types and rarities, clearly organized for easy reference, and random roll tables to help you choose the perfect item for any situation.

Big Bads is sure to expand any game with a massive selection of menacing monsters, never-before-seen magic items, and exciting adventures. Join the Big Bad Bureau and show these boss monsters who’s really the boss. The clock is ticking, so join the campaign now and get ready for the ultimate adventure!