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Cryptozoic Entertainment Celebrates a Decade of “Adventure Time Card Wars” with Kickstarter Campaign

Cryptozoic Entertainment Celebrates a Decade of “Adventure Time Card Wars” with Kickstarter Campaign

Cryptozoic Entertainmen has partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the “Adventure Time Card Wars 10th Anniversary”. The campaign, which commemorates a decade since the game’s release, has already seen a remarkable response, with $547,342 pledged of its $80,000 goal, and still 21 days left until it ends on December 15.

“Adventure Time Card Wars” is based on the “Card Wars” episodes from the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Cartoon Network series, “Adventure Time”. The tabletop game has been a fan favorite, leading to over ten product releases in the past ten years. The Kickstarter campaign aims to bring all six original packs together in the new “Adventure Time Card Wars: Ultimate Collection”. This ultimate collection will feature nearly 500 game cards and will include new game content that will be unlocked as the campaign progresses.

Additionally, fans can preorder the Deluxe Edition of the “Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament” game, a Collector’s Storage Box, a playmat, card sleeves, and much more. Cory Jones, CCO of Cryptozoic, expressed excitement about the campaign, highlighting the game’s ability to bring the fictional world of “Card Wars” to life and engage players in the universe of “Adventure Time”.

The game is known for its straightforward rules, where two players compete head-to-head, using decks of 40 cards each. Players use Creatures to attack their opponent, Buildings to enhance their Landscapes, and Spells to gain an advantage, aiming to reduce their opponent’s Hit Points to zero first.

The “Doubles Tournament” (Deluxe Edition) introduces a teamwork element to the core gameplay. In this version, two players team up as Jake and Charlie to battle against another duo playing as Grand Prix and Moniker. This edition features additional Heroes and special packaging.

A unique offering of the campaign is the “Adventure Time Card Wars: Collector’s Storage Box”, designed to store every card released for the series, with additional space for future expansions. The box showcases an original artwork by Robb Mommaerts on its cover.

The Kickstarter campaign offers various pledge tiers starting at $65, with stretch goals set to add more cards and upgrades. The delivery of preorder items to backers is anticipated in September 2024.

Fans of “Adventure Time” and card game enthusiasts alike have an exciting opportunity to revisit the whimsical world of Ooo and engage in the beloved “Card Wars” game, celebrating a decade of magical, card-based battles.