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Mantic Games releases two new Dungeon Adventures and RPG Miniatures range

Mantic Games releases two new Dungeon Adventures and RPG Miniatures range

Mantic Games has released two new adventures in their Dungeon Adventures range, along with a plethora of RPG miniatures to spice up your campaigns.

The adventure boxes, titled Dungeon Adventures: Volumes 1 – 4, contain everything required to run a one-shot or to include it in an existing campaign. Each box features a unique story, map, terrain, and minion stats for your group to encounter.

In Volume 1, players journey into the heart of a sinister mausoleum filled with undead horrors, while Volume 2 challenges them to unlock the puzzles and mysteries of an arcane tower. In Volume 3, the Orc rabble has become organized and dangerous, and players must defeat the warlord to save the day. And finally, Volume 4 features a choice between attacking an insidious vampire by day or by night.

But that’s not all – the Dungeon Adventures range also offers a vast selection of RPG miniature packs to use alongside the adventure sets and beyond. This month, Mantic Games has released several new sets, including a pack of terrors that go bump in the night, demons and foul beings from other planes, warrior nuns and paladins, clans of fierce outcasts from the north, unusual NPCs and bosses, guitar-wielding ogres and werewolf/dwarfs, watery creatures, and a pack of 3D markers to represent the ongoing effects of fire and magical spells in your games.

Fans of the range can also look forward to an upcoming interview with Andrew Jones, the writer for all of the Dungeon Adventures sets.

So, grab your dice and gather your party – it’s time to explore the depths of Mantic Games’ Dungeon Adventures.