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Games Workshop’s Sunday Preview Unveils New Releases Across Multiple Franchises

Games Workshop’s Sunday Preview Unveils New Releases Across Multiple Franchises

Games Workshop’s latest Sunday Preview has unveiled an array of exciting new releases for several of its popular franchises, promising to captivate fans with fresh miniatures, special editions, and unique hobby accessories.

Flesh-eater Courts Army Set for Age of Sigmar Kicking off the announcements, the Flesh-eater Courts are marching to war in “Age of Sigmar” with a new army set. This collection features 25 new plastic miniatures, including an Abhorrant Gorewarden, a Varghulf Courtier, Morbheg Knights, and Cryptguard. Additionally, it includes an exclusive launch edition of the 88-page Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts, along with warscroll cards, tokens, and enhancement cards. This limited set is a must-have for generals embarking on a Crimson Crusade in Ushoran’s name.

Horus Heresy MKVI Assault Squad For “Horus Heresy” enthusiasts, a new box of 10 plastic Assault Marines is set to enhance tabletop battles. This kit allows players to arm their squad with chainswords and bolt pistols or combat shields and includes a variety of accessories and heads for customization. The MKVI Assault Squad is compatible with all MKVI upgrade sets, including Legion-specific accessories.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: King of the Dead and Warriors of the Dead Middle-earth fans will be thrilled with the return of the King of the Dead and his Heralds, now in spectral translucent blue plastic. This recast gives the miniatures a more ghostly form, perfect for haunting the forces of Mordor. The Warriors of the Dead are also available in the same clear blue plastic, ready to sweep across Pelennor Fields.

White Dwarf Issue 495 December’s issue of “White Dwarf” is packed with content on the new Tyranids and the Fourth Tyrannic War. It features special mission rules for Warhammer 40,000 Boarding Actions, Warcry rules for Dawnbringer Crusades, Kill Team rules for jungle warfare, and more.

Da Grotmas Gitz: A Festive Miniature Warhammer’s 2023 festive miniature, Da Grotmas Gitz, showcases a black-clad rogue on a squig, scattering presents and snotlings. This limited-time model adds a unique touch to the holiday season.

Citadel Colour: Brimstein Firegrass To enhance miniature bases, Games Workshop introduces Brimstein Firegrass, vermillion grass tufts suitable for various settings. The pack contains 155 tufts in four sizes, enough to decorate an entire army.

Black Library Special Editions and Audiobooks The “Vaults of Terra” trilogy by Chris Wraight is receiving a special edition release, limited to 1,500 signed copies. This luxurious collection includes leather-effect covers and a bonus short story in each volume. Additionally, “Witchbringer” and “Blood Pact” are coming to MP3 audiobooks, along with a re-recorded Damocles collection of short stories.

Black Library Advent eShorts 2023 The Black Library Advent Calendar is returning this December, featuring 12 short stories from renowned authors, available individually or through a subscription.