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“Tabloids” Card Game by Steve Jackson is Now on Kickstarter, Invites Players to Craft Their Own Bizarre Headlines

“Tabloids” Card Game by Steve Jackson is Now on Kickstarter, Invites Players to Craft Their Own Bizarre Headlines

Renowned game designer Steve Jackson is back with another tantalizing offer that is making waves on Kickstarter. Titled “Tabloids,” this novel headline-building card game has already smashed its initial funding goal of $5,000, garnering $11,462 with 365 backers, and still has 12 days left on the campaign.

Give Traditional Media a Run for Its Money

“Tabloids” challenges you to concoct news headlines that are as bizarre, jaw-dropping, or hilariously absurd as you want them to be. With over 300 “weird and wacky” cards, you can now make the news the mainstream media wouldn’t dare print. Forget stale headlines; it’s time to give those supermarket tabloids a run for their money.

How the Game Works

The gameplay is fast-paced, easy to learn, and incredibly engaging. Each player starts with a hand of six “Shocker” cards and six “Filler” cards. While “Shocker” cards contain nouns and verbs to set the foundation of your headline, “Filler” cards offer connecting words and suffixes to help complete it.

Players have just three minutes to assemble the most sensational headline possible from their hand. After time’s up, everyone reveals their headlines, leading to a vote on which one wins the round. The creator of the winning headline earns a “Scoop” card, and the game continues until seven headlines have graced the table. The player with the most “Scoop” cards walks away with bragging rights.

What’s in the Box?

For those curious about what comes with each copy of “Tabloids,” here’s the rundown:

  • 211 Shocker cards
  • 107 Filler cards
  • 10 Scoop cards
  • One rulesheet

Who Can Play?

“Tabloids” is designed for a minimum of three players and is best enjoyed by those aged 14 and up. A full game will typically take around 30 minutes, making it a perfect choice for parties, get-togethers, or a casual game night.

12 Days Left to Back This Project

If the idea of inventing your own outlandish headlines appeals to you, there’s still time to support “Tabloids” on Kickstarter. The campaign is live until September 30th. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this media revolution!