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Colostle: Kyodaina – The Third Expansion to the Solo RPG Now on Kickstarter

Colostle: Kyodaina – The Third Expansion to the Solo RPG Now on Kickstarter

The third expansion to the solo RPG series, Colostle, has hit Kickstarter. Titled “Kyodaina,” this expansion introduces a whole new eastern-themed area and story to the game, offering players an exciting adventure within the sprawling castle.

With an already impressive $22,216 pledged of their $6,263 goal and 592 backers, the campaign for Colostle: Kyodaina is off to a roaring start. Excitement is building as Roomlanders anticipate exploring the mysterious Roomlands of Kyodaina, a captivating new addition to the ever-expanding Colostle universe.

For those unfamiliar with Colostle, it is a solo journalling RPG game that takes players on an immersive journey through a colossal castle. This impossible structure contains continents, oceans, mountains, and cities within its Rooms, making for an awe-inspiring exploration experience. The game features formidable creatures called Rooks, massive walking stone towers that pose a threat to players but also offer unique opportunities for character advancement and magical abilities.

The new expansion, Colostle: Kyodaina, boasts a 75-page A4 hardback filled with vivid illustrations and compelling lore. It not only introduces the Roomlands of Kyodaina but also provides supplementary rules specific to this eastern-themed region. Players will have the chance to evolve their characters, learn new techniques and abilities, and immerse themselves in a captivating guided story campaign.

The story of Colostle: Kyodaina revolves around the twisted machinations of a false Emperor and the quest to restore the true heir to the throne. As players navigate through the unexplored territories of Kyodaina, they will encounter Japanese castle-like Rooks and immerse themselves in the rich cultures inspired by the eastern lands of our world.

It is important to note that Colostle: Kyodaina is an expansion and requires the base rules for Colostle to play. The base book, along with the first expansion called “The Roomlands,” adds optional rules, lore, and a guided story campaign to the game. Players can enhance their Colostle experience by opting for official playing cards and a templated Colostle Journal, both available as add-ons during the Kickstarter campaign.

With 28 days remaining and the campaign ending on June 14, there is still plenty of time for fans to join the adventure. Backers can pledge their support and secure their copy of Colostle: Kyodaina, along with various add-ons, by visiting the Kickstarter page.