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Roll for Treasure and Critical Hits with Giochix’s New Custom Dice Sets for RPGs

Roll for Treasure and Critical Hits with Giochix’s New Custom Dice Sets for RPGs

Tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) are all about crafting a unique and exciting adventure for players. Now, a new Kickstarter campaign is offering game masters (GMs) a new tool to help create randomized, yet fun and engaging treasures and critical hits. The Treasure & Critical Dice sets from Giochix, a popular Italian board game company, are custom dice sets specifically designed to generate treasures and critical hits during RPG sessions.

According to the campaign, the Treasure Dice set includes six large 12-sided black dice that produce a wide variety of results. Players simply roll the dice after defeating a monster, and the combination of symbols generated will produce a unique treasure effect. For example, if a player rolls three or more magic symbols, they will use the other two dice to determine the nature of the item found, such as a potion, ring, or weapon.

The Critical Dice set is equally impressive, featuring six 12-sided white dice that are rolled when a player lands a critical hit. Rather than just doubling damage, the dice generate a combination of effects that can include additional damage, special conditions, and lasting effects, like bleeding or reduced movement.

One of the unique features of the Critical Dice set is the inclusion of skulls on each die. If a player rolls enough skulls, the target of their critical hit must make a saving throw to avoid death. The difficulty of the saving throw is determined by the number of skulls rolled.

The Treasure & Critical Dice sets are designed to add more excitement and randomness to RPGs while also making it easier for GMs to generate treasures and critical hits. The dice sets are made of durable plastic and come with a cloth bag for easy storage and transport. A PDF sheet with symbols key is also available for download in several languages.

The Kickstarter campaign offers different pledge options, with backers able to pledge for either the Treasure Dice, Critical Dice, or both. The sets are available for a limited time only and will be shipped to backers starting in November-December 2023 or as soon as they are available.

If you’re looking to spice up your RPG sessions, the Treasure & Critical Dice sets may be just what you need.