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Podcast Radio

Podcast Radio

Already Tuesday? Whoof. Ok, today’s going by quick. Part of that is because I’ve been busy AF with stuff. But, hey, I’m getting things done and that weekend is all that much closer. So, win-win, right? And to help it continue along, let’s listen in on some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 62: Jess the Dungeon Master and What We Look For In RPG Game Systems

The Lords are back and today the gang gets right down to business talking about Jess’ first time running a gamer for the group and what she learns, what she did great and some things she plans to work on for next time. Then the Lords dig into a meaty topic submitted by a listener asking what we are looking for in our RPG game systems and rulesets.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 156: 15mm Indy SciFi, 3D Printing, and Covid, Oh My!

Craig interviews friend of the show Tim Colonna about his Indy game Trilaterum and discovers what gaming entrepreneurship was like through COVID.  Join them as they engage on a far-ranging and interesting chat! 

Polyhedron Collider Episode 129: Six Siege, Wayfarer’s of the South Tigris, & Splendor Duel

If you’ve ever wondered which Harry Potter character is most like Andy then you really should listen to this episode. Also in this episode we discuss the Siege 6 Kickstarter Fees, Rory nearly quits recording after Steve and Andy review Wayfarers of the South Tigris and then Steve is almost press ganged into buying Splendor Duel. The mail bag is opened up and conventions, how to get started with a podcast and insta-buy designers and publishers.

Future Steve even joins us for some details about the upcoming live podcast recording at the UK Games Expo.