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Games Workshop Previews New Vampires for Warcry

Games Workshop Previews New Vampires for Warcry


More undead horrors are coming to tabletops in Warcry. Get a look at some of the new vampire miniatures that will be in the new box set, coming to pre-order this weekend.

From the article:

Soulblight vampires spend every night of their immortal lives with a persistent hunger for blood gnawing away at them. Some, like the Askurgan Trueblades, do their best to restrain this rapacious hunger, going so far as to entomb themselves with terrified mortals to prove they can go a whole night without so much as a nibble.*

These ascetic fellows are a touch unusual compared to the many other types of vampire in the Mortal Realms, who run the gamut from nightmare stalkers to debauched aristocrats who rule whole kingdoms. With this new gang of pointy-toothed pariahs on the way, we’re taking the opportunity to compare them to other famous vamps.