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Free League Publishing Launches Final Chapter of Epic Campaign: Coriolis: Wake of the Icons

Free League Publishing Launches Final Chapter of Epic Campaign: Coriolis: Wake of the Icons

The long-awaited third and concluding chapter of the popular Mercy of the Icons campaign, Coriolis: Wake of the Icons, has been launched by Free League Publishing. This newest addition to the Coriolis – The Third Horizon role-playing game expands on the already detailed universe, providing players and Game Masters with over 200 pages of lavishly illustrated new content.

A mysterious entity calls out from the vastness of the Third Horizon in dreams and visions, promising answers and prophecies about the Chosen and the forthcoming Horizon Wars. Whether it’s a new presence or an ancient one remains to be seen.

The final chapter of the Mercy of the Icons campaign, Wake of the Icons, offers extensive background information for the Gamemaster, outlining the events threatening the entirety of the Third Horizon. The release features three new scenarios, “A Song for Kua,” “The Tenth Icon,” and “The Horizon Wars,” which take characters on a journey from visions of Kua to a diplomatic mission on Sadaal, and culminate in a war that the players must lead to victory.

Additionally, the expansion includes a metagame element, allowing the Gamemaster and players to play out the fleet movements and clashes of the war. Over twenty different ship types that partake in the war of the horizons are described in a detailed appendix.

The breathtaking original artwork included in the expansion comes from acclaimed artists Gustaf Ekelund and Martin Grip, whose work can also be seen in the ALIEN RPG and BLADE RUNNER RPG. The campaign’s creation was helmed by seasoned game writer Rickard Antroia. The mechanics are grounded in the highly praised Year Zero Engine, which has been successfully implemented in award-winning games such as Blade Runner RPG, ALIEN RPG, Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying, Tales From the Loop, and Forbidden Lands.