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Thiefdom: A Board Game of Cunning and Strategy Hits Kickstarter

Thiefdom: A Board Game of Cunning and Strategy Hits Kickstarter

The world of board games is seeing yet another exciting addition with Thiefdom, a strategy-focused game that immerses 1-4 players in the adrenaline-fueled life of thieves operating in the rich medieval town of Bacharach. The Kickstarter campaign for Thiefdom is live now, aiming to raise $31,266 and having already secured $29,640 with 975 backers and still 16 days left to go.

In Thiefdom, players helm rival thief guilds, each vying to prove themselves as the most skilled group in the realm by stealing from the opulent town. The game relies heavily on strategy, interaction, and thematic pickup & delivery mechanics. Every player leads a team of three shrewd thieves, each equipped with their unique sets of tools. However, players must exercise caution as city guards are on vigilant watch, and avoiding their detection becomes a thrilling challenge.

The game equips players with a range of items like grappling hooks, climbing tools, and smoke bombs, which they can employ to dodge the ever-watchful guards. However, a detention can cost a thief their hard-earned loot and also reduce their victory points, adding an extra layer of risk and tension to the game.

Thiefdom is structured around six rounds, each represented by a ‘night’. The player accumulating the most victory points over these six nights is crowned the winner. Each night encompasses a Planning Phase, where players simultaneously strategize the movements of their thieves and neutral figurines, an Action Phase (Night) for carrying out the planned actions, and an Administration Phase (Day) for cleanup and preparation for the next round.

Another unique feature of Thiefdom is its setup that includes eight modular and double-printed town quarters, offering a unique pickup & deliver puzzle in each game. In addition, players can purchase 12 different types of equipment to augment their thieves’ abilities and recruit the assistance of 36 unique tavern guests to fortify their guild.