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New Kickstarter Project D100 Dungeon Hooks Provides Endless RPG Inspiration

New Kickstarter Project D100 Dungeon Hooks Provides Endless RPG Inspiration

D100 Dungeon Hooks, a new project on Kickstarter, has raised $7,600 from its initial $2,500 goal with only five days left to go. Created by Philip Reed, this collection of 100 encounter hooks is designed for use with most fantasy roleplaying games. Each hook includes enough information to inspire the game master, providing just enough detail to get the imagination running. These hooks can be mixed, matched, and modified to suit the specifics of your preferred game system and campaign setting.

The book follows the same A5 size and format as D100 City Hooks, another title that Reed released in 2022. If the campaign exceeds $10,000 in funding before the deadline, then More Bizarre Citizens, a booklet written by Lex Morgan and Philip Reed, will be added as a reward.

For those who missed out on the previous releases in this series, D100 City Hooks and D100 Forest Hooks, this is an opportunity to grab these two 36-page booklets and expand your library of encounters and rumors. The Bizarre series of PDFs and saddle-stitch books each offers up a multi-page d66 table. To receive these in PDF, backers can add Bizarre Wave One and Bizarre Wave Two when making their pledge.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to close on April 3, 2023. Surveys will be sent to print reward levels shortly after that, and must be completed by April 11, 2023. Incomplete surveys will be refunded on April 12th, so backers are urged to complete their surveys by the deadline date.

If you’re a fan of fantasy roleplaying games and looking for a source of inspiration for your game master, D100 Dungeon Hooks is definitely worth checking out.