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The SFG Vault Opens: Exclusive Game Expansions Available for a Limited Time Only

The SFG Vault Opens: Exclusive Game Expansions Available for a Limited Time Only

Gamers who missed out on exclusive game expansions during Kickstarter campaigns will soon have a second chance to get their hands on highly sought-after expansions that are now out-of-print. Steamforged Games has announced that its highly anticipated SFG Vault will open for the first time on April 4 at 19:00 GMT and will remain open until April 28 at 23:59 GMT.

The SFG Vault is a treasure trove of out-of-print expansions for the DARK SOULS™, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and Resident Evil 2 board games. These expansions are highly sought-after by gamers who missed out on the original Kickstarter campaigns or who only recently discovered the core game. The Vault will be open for a limited time only, and the expansions will be pre-order only and printed based on order numbers.

Steamforged Games has been receiving community requests for years to bring back exclusive expansions that are now out-of-print, and the company’s in-house druids have worked hard to find a solution that allows gamers to experience the expansion gameplay and complete their collections while maintaining the integrity of current and future exclusive content.

The SFG Vault will be available directly on, and the contents of the Vault will be revealed in community spaces over the next seven days, including Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those who wish to receive updates can click on the button below the announcement to stay informed.

Steamforged Games has emphasized that the Vault will remain open for a limited time only, and once it closes, it’s closed. Gamers who are interested in securing their copies of these highly sought-after expansions should act quickly to avoid missing out.