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Arthurian Legend Reimagined: CMON’s ‘Mordred’ Is Now On Kickstarter

Arthurian Legend Reimagined: CMON’s ‘Mordred’ Is Now On Kickstarter

CMON’s latest board game Mordred has made its way to Kickstarter. Conceptualized by renowned artist Adrian Smith and brought to life through the sculpting talents of Studio McVey, the game has already surpassed its original goal of $100,000, with current pledges standing at over $217,000. The campaign still has 13 days left, leaving ample time for even more backers to come onboard.

‘Mordred’ is a unique area control game designed by Alexio Schneeberger in collaboration with Andrea Chiarvesio. The game features an intriguing new take on the Arthurian legend, introducing a chaotic realm where both mortals and Fae vie for power.

Set in a world where Britain and the Fae realm have merged and King Arthur has vanished, various asymmetrical factions, both mortal and Fae, now battle for dominance. Players take on the roles of these factions, each aiming to earn the favor of the three great leaders: Mordred, Morgana, and Merlin. With each round, players must carefully strategize, for every action costs precious time, and as the game progresses, chaos becomes inevitable. This chaos will bring with it both great peril and even greater rewards, adding a thrilling edge to gameplay.

Adrian Smith, known for his work on games like ‘Chronicles of HATE’, ‘Blood Rage’, ‘Rising Sun’, and ‘Ankh’, lends his artistic prowess to the project. Together with the sculpting expertise of Studio McVey, the game promises to be a stunning, immersive experience for players.

Given its unique twist on a classic tale, intriguing gameplay, and the reputations of the creators, ‘Mordred’ has garnered a significant response from backers on Kickstarter. With nearly 3,000 backers already supporting the project and still 13 days left for the campaign, ‘Mordred’ is shaping up to be a remarkable addition to the strategic board game genre.

Those interested in backing ‘Mordred’ can visit its Kickstarter page for more information about the game and pledge levels.