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Portal Games Announces New Army for Neuroshima Hex: The Merchant’s Guild

Portal Games Announces New Army for Neuroshima Hex: The Merchant’s Guild

ortal Games, the renowned publisher of board games, has announced the introduction of the 17th army for the popular game Neuroshima Hex – the Merchant’s Guild. This latest addition to the post-apocalyptic board game is set to revolutionize gameplay by offering a unique twist on token draw.

The Merchant’s Guild faction introduces an innovative approach to token draw. Rather than discarding the least favorable chip, players must strategize which chip will allow them to maximize the benefit of the new unique currency – gamble. This new gameplay element significantly increases the strategic depth of the game, encouraging players to consider not just the immediate impact of their actions but also their long-term strategy.

The Merchant’s Guild, often dismissed due to its lack of territory and physical forces, brings a new perspective to the game. This faction, in the narrative of the Neuroshima universe, leverages its financial power and network of gamblers and colleagues to exert its influence. Despite their seemingly modest setup, the Merchant’s Guild can marshal a powerful fleet using the power of gambles. Under their flag, they carry out “educational missions” that demonstrate the power of their unique currency and strategic prowess.

Fans of the Neuroshima universe might remember the Merchant’s Guild as a playable faction in the 51st State, where they proved to be a force to be reckoned with despite their unconventional methods.

Portal Games has announced that the release of this new expansion is scheduled for Moloch’s Day – September 5, 2023.