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Pandasaurus Games Announces Mini Expansion for Sea Salt & Paper: Dive into “Extra Salt”

Pandasaurus Games Announces Mini Expansion for Sea Salt & Paper: Dive into “Extra Salt”

The Expansion Adds New Gameplay Mechanics and More Cards, Set for Release in January 2024

As Pandasaurus Games rolls out their much-anticipated board game, Sea Salt & Paper, they’ve also surprised fans by announcing a mini-expansion aptly titled “Extra Salt.” The booster pack promises to add new dimensions to the gameplay, enriching an already engaging experience.

The mini expansion, which is priced at $6.95, requires the original Sea Salt & Paper game to play and is suitable for 2-4 players aged 8 and above. A typical game session runs from 30-45 minutes. The game was designed by the talented duo of Bruno Cathala and Théo Rivière, and features artwork by Lucien Derainne and Pierre-Yves Gallard.

“Extra Salt” includes mechanics of hand management, set collection, and push-your-luck gameplay. The expansion introduces 8 new cards with 5 different effects, adding a deeper layer of strategy.

  • Jellyfish: Restricts opponents’ actions during their next turn.
  • Lobster: Allows players to draw cards and add one to their hand.
  • Starfish: Creates a powerful trio by combining with a duo, adding 2 points.
  • Seahorse: Acts as a substitute for a missing Collector card in a set.
  • Crab Multiplier: Adds extra points for Crab cards.

Preorders for the expansion will open this October and are expected to ship by December, ahead of the official release date in January 2024.

While the base game of Sea Salt & Paper already has players buzzing, the “Extra Salt” expansion adds a new level of strategic depth. The expansion will also include new rules to accommodate these additional cards and effects.

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Thursday 21st of September 2023

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