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Motor City Gameworks Launches ‘French Quarter’ on Kickstarter, Celebrating New Orleans in a Roll-and-Write Game

Motor City Gameworks Launches ‘French Quarter’ on Kickstarter, Celebrating New Orleans in a Roll-and-Write Game

Kickstarter has become the launchpad for Motor City Gameworks’ latest offering, a vibrant and energetic roll-and-write game titled “French Quarter”. Celebrating the heart of New Orleans, the game has already gathered considerable support from backers, raising over US$20,734, surpassing its initial goal of US$18,000, with 22 days still remaining.

In “French Quarter”, players are taken on a whirlwind tour of New Orleans, immersing themselves in the city’s unique culture over a simulated eight-hour journey. From indulging in distinctive local food and shopping at hotspots, to soaking in the mystic customs and energetic nightlife, players will get a taste of everything the city has to offer.

The game, beautifully illustrated, encapsulates the spirit of New Orleans, replete with live jazz, world-famous street performers, and the city’s trademark spontaneous wedding parades or “second lines”. The map provided serves as a guidebook, aiding players to navigate through the city and creating a memento of their virtual trip.

Designed by the team behind popular games like Fleet: The Dice Game, Three Sisters, Godspeed, and Wasteland Express Delivery Service, “French Quarter” is the fourth game in the Motor City Gameworks Loaded Roll and Write series.

This Kickstarter version of the game also includes a free bonus expansion. The “Tourism Expansion” consists of 12 Vacation Cards and the Bourbon Street Meeples, enhancing the game experience further. These additional components will not be included in the retail versions, thus creating a sense of exclusivity for the backers.

The game features two player sheets, a map of the French Quarter, and a visitors guide. Various modes of transportation are available to travel, including walking, carriage ride, taxi, streetcar, and riverboat. Players get to visit buildings, encounter performers and chart their experiences across various categories including food, culture, shopping, mysticism, and partying.

The game also includes a fully developed solo mode, providing an engaging challenge for solo gamers. Here, players compete against Mayor Carly, a character that drafts dice and throws parties, constantly keeping players on their toes.